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Auto Detailing Calgary / Power Polishing

Car Cosmetix Inc. offers interior and exterior auto detailing in Calgary, as well as power polishing and wet sanding services.

Interior Auto Body Detailing

Car Cosmetix Inc. are experts when it comes to auto body detailing. We use the finest products to ensure the longevity of your leather and fabrics and vinyls and to restore your car to look brand new.
*Please contact us for individual and custom services.

Interior auto body detailing services include:

  • Interior vacuum- including trunk
  • Renew all vinyl including doors, dashboard and console
  • Clean all interior windows
  • Shampoo carpet, mats and seats
  • Clean and condition leather (if applicable)

Starting at $249.

Exterior Auto Body Detailing Detailing

With the number of auto body detailing products and tools available, it can be hard to know where to start. At Car Cosmetix Inc we use the finest products to make your vehicle gleam, and continue gleaming.

*Please contact us for individual and custom services.

Exterior auto body detailing services include:

  • Thorough hand wash and hand dry
  • Engine shampoo
  • Rim and tire dressing
  • Plastic and vinyl trim detail
  • Sanding and polishing of exhaust tips (if applicable)
  • Hand applied wax and paint protection solution

Starting at $249.

Power Polishing & Wet Sanding

Don’t let scuffs or scratches age your car – power polishers for cars can make your car look as good as new! At Car Cosmetix Inc. our 3-stage power polisher and wet sanding will have your problem areas or scratches looking flawless.

*Please contact us for individual panel or polish and scratch removal of a specific portion of your car.

Starting at $299.